Lettings & Management

Lettings and property management

How will Mayfair let your property quickly, with the best possible tenants, at the highest possible rent?

Precise valuationstep by step process

We’re hard-wired into our local market, assessing dozens of properties every week, which ensures that we have an intimate understanding of the highest achievable rental values in your area.

Our valuation strategy factors in every individual and local aspect relating to your property and street to ensure that the best possible price is achieved in the shortest possible time.

To discuss letting, property management or to arrange a valuation… Call Mayfair Property Management today on 020 3538 7219. 

Professional photography

Presentation, presentation, presentation is vital to securing tenants in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we use a professional photographer, editing studio and creative team to exploit the property’s appeal and tone down anything undesirable so we can have your property on the market in hours!

Maximum marketing exposure

Our marketing department is run by an internet marketing expert who uses the latest and highest converting strategies to generate the maximum market exposure for our clients’ properties across the best mediums. This ensures that our clients’ properties let in the shortest possible timeframe.

High calibre tenants

We have close links to corporate tenants and companies that require both short-term lets and long-term leases. Some of our clients based in the city are on short-term work contracts and would be prepared to offer an increased rent for the right properties.

Property management like nothing else

We have a dedicated property management department in a separate office that focuses on lettings and property management only. This is why, for over three years, their average arrears rate has never exceeded 0.5% of the total of the entire rent collection and management portfolio.

Extended opening hours

Tenants prefer out of hours viewings to avoid taking precious time off work, which is why we maximise this opportunity by offering opening longer hours. In fact,  nearly half of our viewings are conducted on weekends, public holidays and outside of usual business hours, which allows us to ensure that we let your property quickly.

To discuss letting, property management or to arrange a valuation… Call Mayfair Property Management today on 020 3538 7219, or click here to request your FREE online valuation today!